KSU Yosakoi Reunion/Finale

29 09 2015

KSU Japanese Yosakoi Dance Club is scheduled to perform at the 2015 Greater Kansas City Japan Festival on Saturday, Oct 3, 2015. Invited and performing are some past members of Yosakoi since the club was founded by Seiki Ikeda in the spring of 2015. This performance will be our 10 year reunion and finale. Please come and join us in our celebration!2007-kc_japanfestival 2007-hokkaido-group

KSU International Talent Show Spring 2014

29 09 2015

Yosakoi added a little flare to their usual routine by performing without lights, using purple glow sticks! In some ways, using glow sticks was challenging, in the timing was important to make a grand impression. Mistakes were obvious! Still, we enjoyed the change and performed once more with red glow sticks at the Greater Kansas City Japan Festival in October, 2014. Intl Talent Show Shachihoko with Glow Lights 041114 Intl Talent Show Shachihoko w Glowlights 2014

Homecoming Week October 2013

3 09 2015

Chalk 102013Following the GKCJF, Yosakoi participated in the Homecoming Week festivities. Here we won 1st place in Sidewalk chalking. The theme celebrated the 150th anniversary of Kansas State.


Paint the Ville 2013 updateWe also placed with our entry in Paint the Ville on the window of Varney’s in Aggieville.

Greater Kansas City Japan Festival 2013

3 09 2015

GKCJF 2013 Group CrazyOur usual stint at the GKCJF was lots of fun.  GKCJF is one of the largest Japanese festivals in the midwest.  We performed Yocchore, Samurai and Soran Illusion.

Spring 2012 KSU Activities Carnival

30 01 2012

           KSU Japanese Yosakoi Dance Club participated in the         Spring Activities Carnival on 1/26/12. Also helping were Maia Williams, Christine Kim, Katherine Zhang, Julie Leone, Ryan Cloyd, and Barbara Johnson. We had a grand time, and even danced, as much as we could, in the space in front of the table. We signed up 15 students who expressed an interest in joining us. Hopefully, they will come to practice and become members!

(Photo courtesy K-State Union)

GKCJF Finale

11 10 2011


New to the Japan Festival in 2011 was the Grand Finale, where the performers were showcased. All the performers had an opportunity to take a “final” bow. Yosakoi was the first group featured. We were asked to dance in through the side entrance, through the aisles and then onto the stage, dancing to the beat of Taiko drummers! Micah is holding a banner provided by GKCJF on which was written “Yosakoi”.

More on GKCJF

11 10 2011

After the performance in Yardley Hall. Relaxed and relieved! We were well received and all is well! In the back –David Smith (pumped up), Micah Weltsch; Middle row–Kayla Dieker, Christine Kim, Julie Leon, Ryan Cloyd.  Front row–Abby Sarvis, Maia Williams, Barbara Johnson,  Yichao (Katherine) Zhang. Great job everyone!

Greater Kansas City Japan Festival 2011

10 10 2011

KSU Yosakoi performed again at the Greater Kansas City Japan Festival on Sept 24, at the Johnson County Community College. Here we are performing Soran Bushi, one of the more traditional Yosakoi Dances. We also performed Samurai and Gakko You Kyozai. We all had a great time and were able to enjoy other activities at the festival, including new to this year’s festival, Sumo. Imagine a 600+ lb Japanese sumo wrestler, apparently the heaviest ever in Japan!

Greater Kansas City Japan Festival 2011

15 09 2011

KSU Yosakoi will be performing at the Greater Kansas City Japan Festival on Sat., 9/24/11 at the Johnson County Community College.

Naka-kon 2010

21 02 2010

KSU Yosakoi performed again at the regional Naka-kon 2010. Leaving Manhattan early, the group arrived at the Hyatt Regency in Kansas City, MO to perform and give a workshop. The workshop went quite well with help from both captains and members: Barbara, Micah, Frizti, Jordan, and Ashley. After teaching our dance, the group relaxed and explored Naka-kon.

After enjoying dinner of Sushi, Tempura, and Unagi at Kabuki in Crown Center, the group headed back to perform for Naka-kon. The performance coincided with the Anime Costume Contest, so the crowd was very excited to see our group. We danced Yocchore, Shachihoko, and finished with Samurai. After a great and exhilarating performance all made it back safe with the snowy weather.

Group Photo: Naka-kon 2010