Friday Room?

29 09 2005

The International Student Center closes this Friday at 5pm. So, practice will be in the UNION (not ISC)!!!! Please check your email again Friday before practice. We will tell you where in the Union. (^_^;)

Yearbook Photo!

23 09 2005

Tuesday’s practice (Sept. 27) will be from 7pm-9pm (time changed!).

We will meet in the Union Courtyard. At 7:15p, we will get our group photo taken for the KSU Yearbook! Then we will go together to a practice room for dancing. (This is a professional photo, so it will be taken on time).

So, everybody please come!!! If you can not dance on Tuesday, then please come just for the picture!!! Ok? (^.^)v *cheese* Get your picture taken, then you can leave.

Dress in Yosakoi t-shirt or black.

Don’t be late! 7:15pm this Tuesday at the Union!!

Location Change for Friday Practice

21 09 2005

The location for practice on Friday (Sept. 23) has changed. We will be in the “Little Theater” of the K-State Student Union. They said that we are not supposed to dance with shoes (so be prepared to dance without shoes). The “Little Theater” is on the 1st floor right next to the Art Gallery (north of the Computer Store).

Where? : “Little Theater”, K-State Student Union
When? : 7:00pm on Friday, Sept. 23rd.

Membership Fee

20 09 2005

Everyone has four (4) practices free, then we ask for membership money ($10 a semester). The money goes to pay for basic club costs/equipment/room rent/etc. Please pay “Daigo” the Treasurer (or Seiji).

Daigo and Seiji are trying to get a Tax ID from the IRS and will open a bank account soon. But in the meantime, you may write the checks to: Seiji Ikeda (please write “Yosakoi” in the memo).

Thanks! (^_^)v

Tuesday Practice

20 09 2005

Yosakoi Practice will be at the International Student Center at 8:00pm (until 10pm). See you there! (^_^)v