Pictures and video

19 10 2005

Hey all I know we haven’t had alot of events but we have had enough that there should be some picture evidence of our exsistance.

Thats what i want if you have pictures of the events we have particapated in and or members at those events… Please send them to This way we can bring them all together so we can easily remember these times.

I’ll try sending this out to the list serve but I haven’t exactly figured out how to do that yet so could someone else as well I have a feeling I will screw it up.

Thanks all for helping out.


Pictures and or Video

19 10 2005

To all those who will read this and for those of you that read this pass the word on to others.

We have had a few yosakoi events… I may be including practices and things that the members of Yosakoi have been able to go to and help with.

So here is my request I need pictures anyone has taken or video clips I am acting as Historian and because i have yet to buy a camera for myself I have to rely on the rest of you to help me out until then. So if anyone has pictures or video could you please send them to so I can put them together in an orderly fashion. Thank you all could someone please put this on the Yosakoi list serve as I have yet to figure out how to do that.

That’s about all…


Friday Practice at ISC

19 10 2005

Friday’s practice will be at the ISC (International Student Center) at 7pm.

Tuesday Practice at Food Court

18 10 2005

We will meet in the Union Food Court again for Practice on Tuesday at 7pm.

Yosakoi Wins First Place!!! \(^o^)/

9 10 2005

The K-State Yosakoi won first place at the “Greater Kansas City Japan Festival” in the *Amateur Talent Competition” today!!!!!! Thank you to ALL the dancers and supporters who came for the show! We did a great job and I was very, VERY proud!!! WASHOI!!! The group won $250 for the gleaming efforts (which may be used for textile purchases to make dance costumes). Thank you again Yosakoi Dancers! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

Greater Kansas City Japan Festival

7 10 2005

This weekend, the Yosakoi group will be competing in the “Amateur Talent Contest” at the “Greater Kansas City Japan Festival” at Johnson County Community College (Carlsen Center). We will be performing around 12:20pm. If you are in the area, please watch us! (^_^) here is the website:

Meeting time for the Road Trip

7 10 2005

Everyone is to meet at the parking lot in front of the International Student Center at 7:45 am. We will be leaving at 8am for the festival. Click here for directions to the festival.