Dancers for “Multicultural Pride Luncheon”

10 11 2005

We will be doing “Nengara-nenjyu” for the *Mulicultural Pride Day* on Tues, Nov. 15th.

Let’s meet at the Union Ballroom (KSU Student Union) at 12:20pm (Our dance starts at 12:40pm). We will practice a little. It’s a small stage, so please be careful! Then perform! 🙂

Yes, you get a FREE lunch!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

I can not be there, so *Asst. Director Tomo* will be in charge. Have fun dancing!! – Seiji

The dancers are:
1) Anita
2) Asuka
3) Chihiro
4) Daichi
5) Hideki
6) Jordan
7) Monique
8) Nick
9) Paul
10) Rieko
11) Ryan
12) Stacey
13) Takahiro
14) Tomo
15) Yuka
16) Yuko

17) Micah




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