Practice Tuesday

30 01 2006

Hello All,

This Tuesday, we will once again be in the Little Theatre in the Union at 7pm.
I will be sending out an email about this Friday’s practice in the next few days.

Hope to see you there!

Caleb Jackson
President of Yosakoi

Chinese Festivals

30 01 2006

The Yosakoi Dancers performed at the “Chinese Language New Year’s Party” & “Chinese Spring Festival” this past week. Both performances were warm-welcomed and we look forward in our upcoming performances in February!!

“Chinese Language Classes: New Year Party”

25 01 2006

We will be dancing at the “Chinese Language Classes: New Year Party” this
Thursday (1/26) from 6-8pm, KSU Union ??? (will email later).

Dinner is included.

We will be dancing “Nengara-nenjyuu”. Please wear Yosakoi Shirt (or black
shirt) with the black pants.

The following people signed up to dance, if you are not on the list then let
me know ASAP ( Thanks:

1. Lu
2. Nick
3. Brandon
4. Ryan
5. Amelia
6. Monique
7. Anita
8. Daichi
9. Seiji
10. Tomo
11. Yui
12. Asuka
13. Nina

Tuesday & Friday Practice

24 01 2006

Practice for this week will be in the “Little Theater” (KSU Student Union), 7pm.

Download the Dance Songs

20 01 2006

The songs for the new dances this semester are found at this web address:

There are 2 files. Just “right-click” with your mouse and “save linked file” to download! :

1) freedom.mp3 (the dance we are going to learn first)
2) shunkashuutou.mp3

Yosakoi Orientation

17 01 2006

We will have an “Orientation” for new people who are interested in Yosakoi this Friday (1/20) at 7pm in the “Multipurpose Room” of the International Student Center on campus (near Moore Hall).

We will also introduce a new Yosakoi dance called: “Freedom”.

I hope to see many new faces there! So, feel free to join us and try it out!!! (^_^)v

Head Coach/Director