“Chinese Language Classes: New Year Party”

25 01 2006

We will be dancing at the “Chinese Language Classes: New Year Party” this
Thursday (1/26) from 6-8pm, KSU Union ??? (will email later).

Dinner is included.

We will be dancing “Nengara-nenjyuu”. Please wear Yosakoi Shirt (or black
shirt) with the black pants.

The following people signed up to dance, if you are not on the list then let
me know ASAP (seiji306@hotmail.com). Thanks:

1. Lu
2. Nick
3. Brandon
4. Ryan
5. Amelia
6. Monique
7. Anita
8. Daichi
9. Seiji
10. Tomo
11. Yui
12. Asuka
13. Nina



2 responses

25 01 2006
Ken (from Brazil)

I’ve just downloaded the songs. it’s pretty cool.

I’m learning to dance yosakoi souran in a group here in brazil, and i pretty excited and interested on it. ^^

My group just started last year so we’re not so experienced on dancing. ^^
could you guys place some videos to download? i want to see you guys acting.

by the song i’ve concluded that the dancing styles are different.

well… thanks a lot…
and… i’m sorry… i don’t speak english very well… ^^ hope u can understand my msg…

25 01 2006
Ken (from Brazil)

oh sorry… i’ve just posted twice the same msg… =/

oh by the way… i almost forgot…
could u guys please contact me if anything comes up!

my email: hshimo@gmail.com

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