Picture site up

14 02 2006

Oh my dear sweet lord. I just spent the last hour uploading about 100 pictures. So yes the picture site is up. Now I realize some of you out there might be… “awwwww… I don’t see myself.” I’m terribly sorry, If you have pictures of Yosakoi please feel free to give me a disc with them all on it and i will add them to the site. Only the clear and really nice looking ones aside from a few concert pics will make the main gallery. The rest will saddly go in the scraps gallery. If you don’t know how to get around Deviant Art just click random things lol I’m sure you will figure it out. Just remember these buttons.

Gallery Scraps

If you want to see the pictures those will be the buttons to hit.

So without further adu here is the site.


We were actually the first to use the name Yosakoi in DA

and i will also be favoriting others yosakoi art from the site to make our page more colorful.

If you have a DeviantArt account I reccomend watching this page if your part of Yosakoi.

Jordan –

ps Seiji’s birthday dance is the webcam image for the club lol.



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