Practice / Word Dance Day / Banquet

28 04 2006

1) Practice on Friday is in Union 212 at 7pm.  Please come!  it is the last practice of Yosakoi!!!!


2) They want us in Forum Hall for “World Dance Day” at 12:30pm.  So, let’s rehearse before then.  Please meet in the Union Courtyard at 11:30am.  If you can’t find us, call my cellphone (785-317-2550).

Shunkashuto is first and then Soul of Toppu after intermission.   Again 2pm start and 4:30 finish.  So, this should give you an idea.

Again, EVERYBODY is dancing (who knows the dance)!!!!!  If you are not dancing, please let me know.  Thanks!


3) Awards Banquet: Any friends, family, & alumni may join us.  The only rule is that they must also bring a dish/drink for the potluck.  5pm at the ISC.

Remember to wear your Yosakoi uniform!!  We will be taking pictures at the end. (^_^)

Rough order of the program is:

– Opening Ceremony
– Eating
– Game Show (yes, there will be a game show)
– Videos
– Awards
– Pictures
– Closing Ceremony

International Talent Show

6 04 2006

Nozomi requests that we come in at 4:30pm this Friday (4/6) to begin rehearsal.  So, please show up between 4:30 and 5pm at the All-Faiths

There will be a lot of groups fighting to rehearse.  So, please come on time!

We will be dancing “Shunkashuto”.  The hard one with all the formations.

After rehearsal and a little practice, we can take a break until we perform. But I would like some people to save seats.  There are so many that come to this that there are not enough seats for people!!

Ok, see you around 4:30-5pm on Friday! 🙂