Homecoming, Asian Food Festival, & Spooktacular

26 10 2007

Yosakoi is gearing up for a full weekend of activities!!! This afternoon/evening is the Homecoming parade, and we will be participating with a mile and a half of dancing!! It will be challenging, but so much fun 😀 We have been competing with other student organizations throughout the entire week through various Homecoming activities, and this is our last event. We will be performing Nengara-Nenjyu, Yochore and the Yosakoi Soran- all high energy genki dances! We also have a small float planned, come on out and cheer us on!

Saturday will be an exciting day as well. Yosakoi has been invited as a guest performer for the Wichita Asian Festival. The festival is composed of many Asian food vendors, and there will be various stage performances, including a performance by your very own K-State Yosakoi team!! We will be performing Samurai and Soul of Toppu, two impressive performance pieces. If you’re in the Wichita area, come to Century II and enjoy tasty Asian food and talented dancing!

Our last activity of the weekend will be at Sunset Zoo, where we will be performing for a group of kids. It will be a terrific time!

Wasshoi!! Good luck this weekend Yosakoi!!

-Michelle Mazur
Publicity Chair



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