Strong Complex Dorm Performance

31 03 2008

On Sunday, March 30th, KSU Yosakoi performed at the Strong Complex for dorm residents. The entire event was called “Japanese Experience” and was put on as a diversity program. Along with us performing, three of our members cooked and prepared okonomiyaki ( for the residents to try some Japanese food.

Yosakoi performed two songs for the dorms. All of the residents really enjoyed seeing us dance. There were even people who came up to congratulate and thank us after the performance! We appreciate being invited to perform at Strong Complex.

Now we are gearing up for more practices occurring in the next two weeks to prepare for all of our upcoming major performances!!

If you’d like to have the K-State Japanese Yosakoi Dance Club perform at one of your upcoming events, please contact our Director, Seiji Ikeda ( or our President, Cami Riblett (

Salina Performance & Spring Break

25 03 2008

KSU Yosakoi has been quite busy this past few weeks. Right before Spring Break started we traveled to Salina, KS to perform for the “Women’s History Luncheon” for a women’s group at the Bicentennial Center on March 14, 2008. At this performance we danced, “Soran-Bushi,” “Yocchore,” and “Basara.” “Basara” was specifically picked for this event because it is known as a women’s dance or the dance of the ‘okamisan’ (wife or landlady).

Over the spring break, we had Yosakoi training on March 21st and 22nd. Our schedule went from 9 AM – 12 PM, 2 PM – 5 PM, and 7 PM – 9 PM, with breaks in between. These practice sessions went on for a total of two days of practice. Everyone had a good time doing Yosakoi and improving our dances. Overall, members learned a lot and are better prepared for upcoming April performances and the Japan trip this summer! 🙂

St. Joseph’s Village Performance

13 03 2008

The KSU Yosakoi Team performed at St. Joseph’s Retirement home on Wednesday, March 12th.
They were well recieved performing “Basara”, “Soran-Bushi” and “Samurai.” After the performance the audiance had a lot of questions about the dances and our look, and they even had a very generous compliment for us on how we,” were one voice, one sound, and perfectly synchronized.” Yosakoi was glad to have been able to perform at St. Joseph’s and hopes to be able to perform there again soon.