KU Japan Festival

5 04 2008

The KSU Japanese Yosakoi Dance Club had the opportunity to perform at KU’s Japan Festival on Saturday, April 5, 2008. We performed for this festival last year and were excited to be asked to return again!

The KU Japan Festival was held in the Kansas Union Woodruff Auditorium and consisted of performances from 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm and workshops right after until 7 pm.

For our first song, some of the girls danced “Basara” in colorful, pretty yukatas! The nice variety of yukatas really stood out and made the dance very fun!!

The second song started out with Minako, one of our members, singing an introduction to “Gakkoyoukyouzai” and other members working in the fields. This introduction to Gakkoyoukyouzai was a song that workers would sing to pass along the time while they worked.

Everyone seemed impressed with this fast-paced song and we received numerous compliments on this performance.

After our performances, KSU Yosakoi got to check out the workshops at the KU Festival. There, we had the chance to practice Taiko drums, calligraphy, get our nails done with ‘nail-art’ and other fun activities. It was nice to spend time with Yosakoi members in Lawrence and experience the KU Japan Festival’s events.

We look forward to returning next year!



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