Yosakoi Final Banquet

16 05 2008

This years Banquet was measurable one of our most emotional. Seeing quite a few passionate Yosakoi dancers leaving; setting the stage for their lives elsewhere. One of these being Seji the director and in some sense the birth mother of Yosakoi not only in Kansas but in the United States. Still we will push to be just as good if not better in the new years to show him our conviction to the cause he set for us. We will also be losing many dancers Holly, Austin, Takuma, Rebecca, Miyuki, Michelle, Chikako, Yuka, Caroline, and Lenka. All of you will be missed and we fully expect you all to set up sister clubs where ever you settle.

That being said the Banquet started out with different creations from each of the members contributing much the same as they do for yosakoi each in their own way. While we ate we enjoyed a great deal of photo’s from this past year. Soon after that we played several games one being Bingo for door prizes and simple Merriment. Then it was time for the awards to be handed out and this tends to be just as emotional as the goodbyes. Special observance was paid to Cami for her most dedicated attitude towards Yosakoi. The director himself said he feels safe leaving the club in her capable hands. Then we moved on to goodbyes only heightening the emotion already present. These are usually some of the hardest moments in Yosakoi… having to say goodbye to friends whom are family. As mentioned above we ended the goodbyes with Seji which was quite an ending with messages from many of the members, gifts, awards, web cam talking from over sea’s members And finally Seji’s on take on the past few years. After that it was clean up and reminiscences time with the rest of the members unfortunately my family was in town and I had to cut out early. But this was one of the best banquets we have ever had. Special thanks go out to Cami and QisXia for all the decorations and putting this banquet together and to Jordan and Seji for creating the awards and photo mementos.

Good luck to all those preforming in Japan!



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