The Greater Kansas City Japan Festival

2 10 2008

To those of you who were there. This was truly one of our best performances to date. You may not know this but our teacher, adviser, and friend Seji is leaving for Hawaii soon and we wanted to send him off in style. We may have had quite a few new dancers but we all pulled together to create something fantastic. The audience was surely stunned at the performance they received. We got to meet a lot of old friends such and Yasu and Kuniko the story tell whom we have come to have very good repor with. We also made new friends like the KU Asa group, Yoshiko Yamanaka, and Katsura Kaishi whom I have been told is quite famous in Japan and now in America. We did several dances Enough to fill 30 min and each greeted with resounding applause. It seems Yosakoi is just infectious you can’t help but get into the dancing and the music.

The trip itself started in the early morning before anyone should ever be roused from the comforts of their bed. We made out way to KC stopping only once at a convenience store. Arriving we stretched, got our bearings, and went though our dances in the court yard. The festival was for the most part set up the same way it always is The large Tori gate as you walk in with the dress up area for “authentic” Asian style pictures. Both theaters are to the right as well. I know I spent most of my time in the Polsky Theater. I did make it over to Yardley in time to clap and cheer for our own Jun who came in 2nd in the talent show and Yassu who came in first.

After the festival we went to our favorite sushi spot in KC called Sushi Gin. (It’s at 95th and Nall) We probably ate more than was needed but this was a a special occasion as I said previously. Seji’s last show, good times and good food and so it was even more important to finish that off with a good adventure. In classic road trip style we found our Caravan lost for a bit in Lawrence nothing we couldn’t find our way out of but if did allow for a few laughs and more time with the family we have all come to call Yosakoi. As I’m sure I speak for the whole group we will miss both Seji and Chikako Ikeda and always think of you fondly good luck in what ever you do. Hope to see you again soon. Thank you so much for this family you helped create.

-Jordan M



2 responses

12 03 2010
Norishige Ichikawa

Hi, my name is Nori, I am a member of New Zealand Yosakoi group ‘Southern Stars’

I have met with your team in 2008 at Sapporo.
I still remenber that it was rainny day when all of international teams dance together. But even the unfavourable condition, your team and Kenian team has high energy and passion, most of us there got energy from both of teams and that cheered up us a lot!
I like your “Maturi spirit” – (passion, energy, and heat when participating on festival) and at the same time I am respecting your team as a dancer.

I hope there is another chance to dance with your team.

All the best.

14 03 2010

It was great getting to dance with you guys too I really loved the new zealand group wonderful dancers

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