Final performance for the year.

18 12 2008

Once again, we performed at the Meadowlark Hills performance Hall on
Monday, December 8 for American Association of University Women (AAUW).
We were, as always, very well received and performed well to our credit.
It was the last performance of the year and fortunately the ladies in attendance
were very curious about our dances and asked many questions. In fact, I would
say that they were one of the most involved crowds we have ever had. During this
performance, we danced three different songs and provided our audience
with a description about our club, our costumes, and some of the dance
moves from Soran-bushi. Their questions provided us an opportunity to
interact with them and share more about ourselves and our dance. It was
also a great pleasure to see their genuine interest in us and the
dances. That’s about all; Good luck and God bless over the holidays!