Rhythm of Nations Night

28 01 2009

Rhythm of Nationg Night

On January 28th, 5 members of KSU Yosakoi took part in Delta Sigma Theta’s Rhythm of Nations night. The activity brought together dance groups from different cultures and allowed members of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, as well as the other dance groups, to learn different styles of dance. The Poize hip-hop team taught a hip-hop routine, and DJ Luis taught the group how to tango. Yosakoi was the third and final group to teach, and showed everyone how to dance Nengara-Nenjuu. The small group, which met on the second floor of the Union, was excited to learn the dance, and had a happy, energetic reaction to the upbeat song. QiuXia led in teaching the whole dance, which both Yosakoi members and those who attended the event danced together. The event was a great way to learn about different styles of dance, and to share a bit of Japanese culture as well as a lot of fun with other K-State students.

Rhythm of Nations Night