Chinese Lunar New Year Performance

1 02 2009


Shuffling back and forth on the back stage with unease and anticipation shuddering through us all, we watched as the acts before us concluded and the curtains closed. It was then our turn. We rushed out carefully so as to not let our narukos clack together and positioned ourselves in front of the large curtain with last minute straightening of our costumes so bright and eye catching. The curtains open with the sound of the swiftly moving velvet cloth, and we all stepped forward onto the center of the stage to hear an eruption of applause encircle Forum Hall. Oh yes! They knew who we are and were equally excited to see our show. The dance began; the familiar melody rhythmically pulsing with reverberating Japanese high and low notes each cueing a new action. We danced in form and we danced in fun. Even through our winded breaths, we danced with a big smile on our faces. It came to a close and we bowed and took our leave of the stage excited to have made a good performance that night. Being a Japanese dancing group at a Chinese New Year celebration may seem odd, but if the audience whose cheers and clapping echoed through forum hall were signs, then we were well received.





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