Greater Kansas City Japan Festival

10 10 2009

Saturday Sept. 19, 2009

This year’s performance at the Greater Japan Festival was incredible! The festival celebrated its 12th annual festival with Taiko, Bonsai, Eisa, and Yosakoi. This is one of our groups favorite festival to perform at because the audience always has high energy and wants to learn more about culture. We did reunite with other performing groups and with former alumni of our group.

 We started the festival off with our Dancing workshop were we taught Yocchore. The group of eager dancers were great and had quite a bit of energy. After that, we had our first afternoon performance in Yardley Hall, where we performed Soran-Bushi and Yochchore. The audience was excited and the dances were great. Then we had our evening performance also in Yardley Hall, were we finished off with Samurai and Net De Yosakoi. Both were a solid finish to a great day of performances.

To finish off the day, we went to the new Japanese restaurant “Edoko” at 87th and Pflumm. Food was great and we ate huge platters of  sushi. This has been from our experience of the busiest festivals in recent memory. It proved to be a blast and all members loved the festivals and all the dances.



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