Naka-kon 2010

21 02 2010

KSU Yosakoi performed again at the regional Naka-kon 2010. Leaving Manhattan early, the group arrived at the Hyatt Regency in Kansas City, MO to perform and give a workshop. The workshop went quite well with help from both captains and members: Barbara, Micah, Frizti, Jordan, and Ashley. After teaching our dance, the group relaxed and explored Naka-kon.

After enjoying dinner of Sushi, Tempura, and Unagi at Kabuki in Crown Center, the group headed back to perform for Naka-kon. The performance coincided with the Anime Costume Contest, so the crowd was very excited to see our group. We danced Yocchore, Shachihoko, and finished with Samurai. After a great and exhilarating performance all made it back safe with the snowy weather.

Group Photo: Naka-kon 2010