Download the Dance Songs

20 01 2006

The songs for the new dances this semester are found at this web address:

There are 2 files. Just “right-click” with your mouse and “save linked file” to download! :

1) freedom.mp3 (the dance we are going to learn first)
2) shunkashuutou.mp3

Yosakoi Orientation

17 01 2006

We will have an “Orientation” for new people who are interested in Yosakoi this Friday (1/20) at 7pm in the “Multipurpose Room” of the International Student Center on campus (near Moore Hall).

We will also introduce a new Yosakoi dance called: “Freedom”.

I hope to see many new faces there! So, feel free to join us and try it out!!! (^_^)v

Head Coach/Director

Sewing Time!

15 12 2005

We will be having a workshop for sewing the *happi* coats for next semester. Please come if you can sew and/or cut (which if you can use scissors, that means you)! Bring your sewing machines and get ready to party!

Tuesday, Dec. 20th
KSU Union #206

Times to Remember!

3 12 2005

Saturday, 12/3
• 12:3o – 2:30pm – Practice.

Sunday, 12/4
• 5:00pm – Rehearsal (at Forum Hall in KSU Student Union).
• 6:45pm – Ready to Dance!
• 7:00pm – “International Dance Festival” starts.
• 8:00pm – Clean-up.

Monday, 12/5
• 12:00pm – Set up Yosakoi/Japan Table at “International Holiday Festival” (Courtyard, KSU Student Union).
• 12:30pm – Dance “Soran-bushi” & maybe “Nengara-nenjyu”.
• 1:00pm – Festival is over; clean up and bring stuff to Seiji’s Office (Willard Hall 201-C).

Tuesday, 12/6
• NO practice.

Friday, 12/9
• 7:00pm – “Winter Party!!!” (^o^) … Place to be announced. Bring a five-dollar gift ($5.oo). Free Pizza!!! But, bring your own drink.

Saturday, 12/10
• Bramlage Cleaning…maybe?

Saturday, 12/17 (?)
• Time (?) – Costume Making of Happi Coats. Union (?).

Thursday, 12/29
• 9:00pm – Bramlage Cleaning? Men’s Game.

Monday, 1/2
• 9:00pm – Bramlage Cleaning? Men’s Game.

Wednesday, 1/4
• 9:00pm – Bramlage Cleaning? Women’s Game.

Friday, 1/13
• 7:00pm – 1st Day of Spring Yosakoi Practice!!!!!! (^o^)/ Review of dances.

Tuesday, 1/16
• 6-8:00pm – “Spring Activities Carnival”. Set-up table to recruit new dancers! Maybe dance?

Friday, 1/20
• 7:00pm – “Welcome to Yosakoi” meeting. Introduce new dance “Freedom”!!!

Costume Committee?

29 11 2005

We are still looking for anyone who wants to help make our Yosakoi Costumes! Please let Seiji know: Thanks!

New Captains!

23 11 2005

Congratulations to our new Captains… Monique and Nick!!!!!!!!! (^o^)/ We expect great things from you and are excited to have you guys as our 1st Yosakoi Captains!!!!!

Vote for a Women’s and Men’s Captain!

19 11 2005

Hey! It’s time to vote for a Women’s and Men’s Captain! Please pick one of each and email Seiji your 2 choices (1 woman, 1 man):

In case you were wondering, the Captains are supposed to be a good example for the other dancers.
– They keep everybody energized,
– represent the opinions and feelings of the dancers to the Officers/Directors,
– pass information to the dancers,
– help teach the dances,
– keep everybody in shape (maybe by organizing extra exercise practices), and
– help maintain the equipment.