Final performance for the year.

18 12 2008

Once again, we performed at the Meadowlark Hills performance Hall on
Monday, December 8 for American Association of University Women (AAUW).
We were, as always, very well received and performed well to our credit.
It was the last performance of the year and fortunately the ladies in attendance
were very curious about our dances and asked many questions. In fact, I would
say that they were one of the most involved crowds we have ever had. During this
performance, we danced three different songs and provided our audience
with a description about our club, our costumes, and some of the dance
moves from Soran-bushi. Their questions provided us an opportunity to
interact with them and share more about ourselves and our dance. It was
also a great pleasure to see their genuine interest in us and the
dances. That’s about all; Good luck and God bless over the holidays!

Yosakoi Opens Hunger Banquet with Performance

14 11 2008

On November 6th, the Yosakoi group performed as the opening entertainment for the annual Hunger Banquet, put on by K-State Fair Trade Advocates. The banquet, which is an activity designed by the Fair Trade group Oxfam, is hosted at various universities around the country with the goal of raising awareness of global hunger and poverty. This year, Fair Trade Advocates invited Yosakoi to perform as an opening treat for those who attended the banquet. Six members of the group performed Yocchore for an audience of about 70 people. Despite some initial difficulties with the sound system, the audience responded warmly to the dance, and afterward several attendees told us the dance was their favorite part of the event.

The Greater Kansas City Japan Festival

2 10 2008

To those of you who were there. This was truly one of our best performances to date. You may not know this but our teacher, adviser, and friend Seji is leaving for Hawaii soon and we wanted to send him off in style. We may have had quite a few new dancers but we all pulled together to create something fantastic. The audience was surely stunned at the performance they received. We got to meet a lot of old friends such and Yasu and Kuniko the story tell whom we have come to have very good repor with. We also made new friends like the KU Asa group, Yoshiko Yamanaka, and Katsura Kaishi whom I have been told is quite famous in Japan and now in America. We did several dances Enough to fill 30 min and each greeted with resounding applause. It seems Yosakoi is just infectious you can’t help but get into the dancing and the music.

The trip itself started in the early morning before anyone should ever be roused from the comforts of their bed. We made out way to KC stopping only once at a convenience store. Arriving we stretched, got our bearings, and went though our dances in the court yard. The festival was for the most part set up the same way it always is The large Tori gate as you walk in with the dress up area for “authentic” Asian style pictures. Both theaters are to the right as well. I know I spent most of my time in the Polsky Theater. I did make it over to Yardley in time to clap and cheer for our own Jun who came in 2nd in the talent show and Yassu who came in first.

After the festival we went to our favorite sushi spot in KC called Sushi Gin. (It’s at 95th and Nall) We probably ate more than was needed but this was a a special occasion as I said previously. Seji’s last show, good times and good food and so it was even more important to finish that off with a good adventure. In classic road trip style we found our Caravan lost for a bit in Lawrence nothing we couldn’t find our way out of but if did allow for a few laughs and more time with the family we have all come to call Yosakoi. As I’m sure I speak for the whole group we will miss both Seji and Chikako Ikeda and always think of you fondly good luck in what ever you do. Hope to see you again soon. Thank you so much for this family you helped create.

-Jordan M

Heritage Night

1 10 2008

Five members of the KSU Japanese Yosakoi Dance Club performed at Grandview Elementary School in Junction City on Tuesday, September 30th for their “Heritage Night.”

All across the school’s gym, there were tables set up with displays from a variety of different countries and their cultures. Yosakoi even had an informational booth to display. It was very exciting to learn about other heritages and share some of the Japanese culture with the audience.

We were even honored to be mentioned and have a picture in the Junction City newspaper, The Daily Union! Check out the article:

If you’d like to have the K-State Japanese Yosakoi Dance Club perform at one of your upcoming events, please contact our President, Cami Riblett (

Yosakoi Kicks off Semester with Library Gala Performance

17 09 2008

On August 29, 2008, Yosakoi participated in The Friends of the K-State Libraries Gala event. The event, titled ‘A World of Friends’ featured performances by the KSU Dance Department and DJ Luis. Guests at the event ate dinner in the Great Room in Hale Library and bid on items included in a silent auction. Yosakoi performed two dances, the Yosakoi Soran and Yocchore. Both dances were performed in an interactive style down the aisles in the Great Room. Dancers moved up and down the aisles, and a few remained on the stage in the center of the room. The energetic performances elicited a warm response from the audience and other dance groups. Asuka Ono was also featured on the front page of the Collegian the next day in a picture from the performance. The Library Gala was a great way for Yosakoi to kick off another semester of performances.
(photo courtesy of the KSU Collegian)

Yosakoi Performs at Student Activity Organization Carnival

29 08 2008

The activities carnival held each semester is a great opportunity for students who are looking to get more involved to find an organization matching their interests. It also provides great opportunities for student organizations to recruit new and excited students to join their organizations. KSU Yosakoi had a table at this event for the purpose of recruiting potential new members. We were very successful and many students seemed to be interested in our club.

Yosakoi also had the chance to perform the song, “Yosakoi Soran” on stage in the middle of the Union Courtyard. The activity fair was crowded with people on each floor of the union who stopped to watch our performance. We were greeted with a nice round of applause and more people wanting to join our organization.

Our club is excited for this upcoming year! It proves to be busy, yet fun times ahead.

Dance Student Spotlight

1 05 2008

By chance, Seiji found out there was an opportunity for one last performance at K-State. The Dance Department was hosting a “Dance Student Spotlight” in Forum Hall on April 30, 2008. Cami was able to book the event, and the group performed “Gakko-yo-kyouzai Soran-bushi” in their new happi uniforms! They were about 19 different student choreographed performances, with Yosakoi having the largest number of dancers of the night. The evening finished off with all the dancers doing a closing dance for the audience. Great job you all!!! \(^o^)/