Welcome Back Social Reconnects New and Old Members

18 02 2009

On February 6th, a group of about 12 past and present KSU Yosakoi members met to celebrate a new semester of dancing and getting to know new members. The “Welcome Back” social took place at the Pizza Hut in Aggieville, where members met to eat pizza, play games and socialize. It was a great opportunity for those who have been unable to dance this semester to reconnect with the club, and meet some of the newer members who have joined.

Yosakoi Halloween Party 08

10 11 2008

Give people a reason to gather and add food and fun shall always follow I always say. This Halloween… that’s right we actually had our party on HALLOWEEN! We all brought different food items. More importantly we all dressed up in our best costumes. Of course we had games which with a language barrier made them all the more fun to play. We had a costume contest. Can’t for the life of me remember who won. Oh well the best part of this was how fun it was to gather as a Yosakoi family and share in another memory bonding us as a family once again. I really don’t have much besides that. Hope you all had fun and to all our past members wish you were here too.

Seiji & Chika’s Farewell Send-Off

6 10 2008

On Sunday, October 5th, Yosakoi gathered to say one last goodbye to our director, Seiji and his wife and member of Yosakoi, Chika before they moved to Hawaii for their career goals.

Yosakoi Final Banquet

16 05 2008

This years Banquet was measurable one of our most emotional. Seeing quite a few passionate Yosakoi dancers leaving; setting the stage for their lives elsewhere. One of these being Seji the director and in some sense the birth mother of Yosakoi not only in Kansas but in the United States. Still we will push to be just as good if not better in the new years to show him our conviction to the cause he set for us. We will also be losing many dancers Holly, Austin, Takuma, Rebecca, Miyuki, Michelle, Chikako, Yuka, Caroline, and Lenka. All of you will be missed and we fully expect you all to set up sister clubs where ever you settle.

That being said the Banquet started out with different creations from each of the members contributing much the same as they do for yosakoi each in their own way. While we ate we enjoyed a great deal of photo’s from this past year. Soon after that we played several games one being Bingo for door prizes and simple Merriment. Then it was time for the awards to be handed out and this tends to be just as emotional as the goodbyes. Special observance was paid to Cami for her most dedicated attitude towards Yosakoi. The director himself said he feels safe leaving the club in her capable hands. Then we moved on to goodbyes only heightening the emotion already present. These are usually some of the hardest moments in Yosakoi… having to say goodbye to friends whom are family. As mentioned above we ended the goodbyes with Seji which was quite an ending with messages from many of the members, gifts, awards, web cam talking from over sea’s members And finally Seji’s on take on the past few years. After that it was clean up and reminiscences time with the rest of the members unfortunately my family was in town and I had to cut out early. But this was one of the best banquets we have ever had. Special thanks go out to Cami and QisXia for all the decorations and putting this banquet together and to Jordan and Seji for creating the awards and photo mementos.

Good luck to all those preforming in Japan!

Birthday Surprise for Ada & Farewell to Yasuo

6 05 2008

We had a small birthday surprise for Ada during one of our practice breaks today. Ada’s father and mother arranged for a cake and asked us to surprise her with a song. We said that we were about to have a serious talk about the Japan Trip, and then we all broke in by singing “Happy Birthday”! It was some good cake and QiuXia also brought candy for all of us as well!

Today was also Yasuo’s last day for practice. 😦 So, we all shook his hand and he had some nice good-bye words for all of us. He did mention that he lived close to Minako’s house, so he would visit us when we go to Yokohama this summer. Good luck Yasuo and we wish you well!!

Cherry Blossom Picnic

29 04 2008

Well as far as adverse weather goes there was plenty leading up to this Sunday, saturating the ground with life bringing water. However, a very clear and cool afternoon greeted us merry making picnic goers as we settled under the cherry blossom trees. While we were all assumed to bring our own food… most brought items for all to share thus further making the dinning in the petal falling shaded area even more delightful. With the sweet smells of both the foods prepared and the newness of spring blossoming all around us. We finished our sack lunches and fancied our spare time with some games. From activities where you had to clap and mimic the actions and gestures of others to a Japanese game of categories aptly titled “Happy Water.” Altogether the day was full of fond memories and the always splendid company of our fellow yosakoi members.


Movie Party

22 02 2008

We took a much needed break and had a potluck Movie Party! It was fun to get to know each other a little more and we also watched the Japanese movie “Hula Girls”. I think we all enjoyed it very much! Also, Kelly brought her friend Cortez who is a hip-hop dancer. I think everyone enjoyed his demo of dance moves!

Halloween Party

26 10 2007

Please let Yui know if you are coming (especially if you are bringing a friend). We want to make sure we get enough food!

Also, there will be a “Talent Show”! So, let her know if you want to perform! 🙂

See you all there!

Practice / Word Dance Day / Banquet

28 04 2006

1) Practice on Friday is in Union 212 at 7pm.  Please come!  it is the last practice of Yosakoi!!!!


2) They want us in Forum Hall for “World Dance Day” at 12:30pm.  So, let’s rehearse before then.  Please meet in the Union Courtyard at 11:30am.  If you can’t find us, call my cellphone (785-317-2550).

Shunkashuto is first and then Soul of Toppu after intermission.   Again 2pm start and 4:30 finish.  So, this should give you an idea.

Again, EVERYBODY is dancing (who knows the dance)!!!!!  If you are not dancing, please let me know.  Thanks!


3) Awards Banquet: Any friends, family, & alumni may join us.  The only rule is that they must also bring a dish/drink for the potluck.  5pm at the ISC.

Remember to wear your Yosakoi uniform!!  We will be taking pictures at the end. (^_^)

Rough order of the program is:

– Opening Ceremony
– Eating
– Game Show (yes, there will be a game show)
– Videos
– Awards
– Pictures
– Closing Ceremony

Winter Party!

10 12 2005

We enjoyed the end of our semester with a “Winter Party”! We talked about over-seas trips and other items. But the highlight was exchanging gifts! Good job everyone!!! And have a good holiday season!!!! (^_^)/