Lunar New Year Festival

10 02 2008

“The Yoskaoi Soran”


Saturday, February 9th, Yosakoi performed for the Lunar New Year Celebration sponsored by the Vietnamese Student Association. The first dance performed was “The Yosakoi Soran,” a very genki dance to get the celebration started. The dance depicts the “drunken happiness” of Japanese workers at the end of the day. The group wrapped up the celebration by performing “Samurai,” a dramatic dance that uses strong movements and shows the interaction of the samuari with the ocean waves.

There was a large turnout for the Lunar New Year Celebration. Manhattan community members and K-State students enjoyed appetizers before the performance. Afterwards, there was a celebration banquet for the performers. The Yosakoi dancers enjoyed all of the homemade Vietnamese and Chinese food that was served.

We are so happy to have been invited to perform at this great event. Thank you to those who helped organize the Lunar New Year Celebration!!

If you’d like to have the K-State Japanese Yosakoi Dance Club perform at one of your upcoming events, please contact our Director, Seiji Ikeda ( or our President, Cami Riblett (

Japanese Sapporo TV Video

24 01 2008

Last summer, we went to Japan to perform at the Yosakoi Festival there in Sapporo, Hokkaido. While there, the biggest TV network there, “Sapporo TV”, documented our stay. The video is a short clip of a running series on the K-State team that was broadcast to viewers in Sapporo and across Japan.

Pictures and video

19 10 2005

Hey all I know we haven’t had alot of events but we have had enough that there should be some picture evidence of our exsistance.

Thats what i want if you have pictures of the events we have particapated in and or members at those events… Please send them to This way we can bring them all together so we can easily remember these times.

I’ll try sending this out to the list serve but I haven’t exactly figured out how to do that yet so could someone else as well I have a feeling I will screw it up.

Thanks all for helping out.


Pictures and or Video

19 10 2005

To all those who will read this and for those of you that read this pass the word on to others.

We have had a few yosakoi events… I may be including practices and things that the members of Yosakoi have been able to go to and help with.

So here is my request I need pictures anyone has taken or video clips I am acting as Historian and because i have yet to buy a camera for myself I have to rely on the rest of you to help me out until then. So if anyone has pictures or video could you please send them to so I can put them together in an orderly fashion. Thank you all could someone please put this on the Yosakoi list serve as I have yet to figure out how to do that.

That’s about all…