Fall 2015


Thurs   8/27   Activities Fair KSU Union 6 – 8 pm.

Mon      8/31   Practice Bosco Plaza 7-9 pm


Mon      9/7       Labor Day (Holiday)

Tues     9/8       Practice KSU Union  K-Ballroom 7-9 pm

Wed      9/9       Practice KSU Union Forum Hall  7-9 pm

Tues     9/15      Practice KSU Union K-Ballroom 7-9 pm

Wed      9/15     Practice KSU Union K-Ballroom 7-9 pm

Mon      9/21      Practice Bosco Plaza  7-9 pm

Tues     9/22      Practice  ISC  7-9 pm

Wed      9/23     Practice location pending

Thurs   9/24      Practice ISC  7:30-9 pm

Mon      9/28      Practice KSU Union Flinthills Room  7-9 pm

Tues     9/29      Practice KSU Union Ballroom   7-9 pm

Wed     9/30      Practice KSU Union Cottonwood Room 7-9 pm


Thurs  10/1       Practice  KSU Union Cottonwood Room  7- 9 pm

Fri       10/2       Practice ISC  7 – 9 pm

Sat, 10/3/13  Greater Kansas City Japan Festival Overland Park KS

Wed    10/14     Practice KSU Union K Ballrom  7:15 to 9 pm

Wed    10/21     Practice KSU Union Cottonwood Room  7 to 9 pm

Tues    10/27     Practcie KSU S Ballroom 7 to 9 pm


Wed    11/4       Practice KSU Union Flinthills Room  8 to 9:30 pm

Room is in use for another event. Arrive 7:30 to warm up.

Due to construction of the KSU Union, we are unable to schedule practices except on a weekly basis. Please check back regularly for updates.

11 responses

7 01 2010

I was just wondering if anyone knew when the next Japanese Festival was going to take place yet? I really want to see the Yosakoi Dance Troupe perform again this year!

3 02 2010
Barbara Johnson

I believe that this year it will be 4/17/10

26 02 2010

Thank you so much again. I really hopoe that I will be able to make it this year again. This is one of my favorite events, and I also thinking about joining the Yosakoi team when i come to K-State.

15 04 2010

when is the next japanese festival? hope i didnt miss it.

15 04 2010

It is this Saturday, April 17th, 2010. In the K-State Student Union.

9 07 2010

You really should join! Hope you can make it to Yosakoi sometimes.

13 12 2010

could u tell me when the next festival is.

2 04 2011

Hi, I was wondering when the Central Kansas Japanese festival will be taking place. If you could let me know the date and times I would really appreciate it. I haven’t seen any advertisement but I heard that it was going to be 9 April. I wanted to know if this was true and what time. I really want to see you all perform again!

1 11 2011
Barbara Johnson

Next KSU Japanese Festival for Spring 2012 is scheduled earlier–March 10, 2012.

8 01 2012

I’m transferring to KSU in the fall, so I’ve been looking for school activities. I’ve found a lot of neat things not at my current school, but the last one I found is Yosakoi, and it looks so awesome! I watched the video of the team in Hokkaido in 2008. Not only does it seem fun and challenging but it’ll be fun to visit my parents and tell them what I’ve been doing…and they won’t have any clue what I’m getting at. It’s so unique! Not to mention Japanese like most things my brother and I like.

14 02 2012

Leah, please do look us up in the fall! We are trying to make in the the first US Yosakoi festival in the US in September. it would be great if you could be part of it! We’ll try to keep the website current so that you can check our schedule.

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