Yosakoi in the Lime Light

17 11 2008

We have been featured many times in the Collegian. This time was different though. We were a feature on the very front page. On the website there is even a brief video documentary of the team practicing and an interview with Greta. The article covered in detail our groups practice time right down to QiuXia bringing treats. Check it out yourself by clicking here.

The video can also be found here for a limited time.

And to add a complement to an awesome article, Cami was featured in this SGA newsletter as the leader of the month.

Check it out and enjoy!

In the media spotlight again

22 10 2008

It would seem KSU Yosakoi has a perfect skill at getting our faces in the media. Maybe it’s our colorful clothes, our synchronized dances, our high energy spirit. Whatever it is, its back in full swing with the start of the Homecoming activities this week as our chalking by Ching and Jeremy and others who helped fill in their design was shown in the local college paper. The words didn’t give any favortism to any of the groups. However, if a picture is worth a thousand words you can bet your tiny hello kitty keychain collection that they liked ours the best or at least ours was the most visually attactive great work everyone who has been particapating in the homecoming events.

Ched out the add here http://www.kstatecollegian.com/1.838600

Yosakoi Ad in the paper

25 09 2008

Click the image to make it bigger.

Yosakoi Members are Popular

14 04 2008

Lately, Yosakoi members have gained some notoriety in public. First, Vice-President Elect QiuXia was featured in a gallery show of K-State’s Journalism Photo Show in the Union. And, in today’s article, Andrew is the main photo for the article on last weekend’s Japanese Festival: click here to read it.

Japanese Sapporo TV Video

24 01 2008

Last summer, we went to Japan to perform at the Yosakoi Festival there in Sapporo, Hokkaido. While there, the biggest TV network there, “Sapporo TV”, documented our stay. The video is a short clip of a running series on the K-State team that was broadcast to viewers in Sapporo and across Japan.

Homecoming Results

12 11 2007

Congratulations again to all Yosakoi members on helping us to a first place finish among student organizations for Homecoming 2007! The official results for each event are as follows:

Spirit Banner: 2nd place

Sidewalk Chalking Competition: 2nd place

Pant the Chant: 2nd place

Paint the ‘Ville: 1st place

Children’s Carnival: 3rd place

Float competition: did not place

Parade Competition: 1st place

2nd Place in “Pant the Chant”

25 10 2007

Hey guys, I am happy to announce that we received second place in the “Pant the Chant” competition! First place was awarded to BSU.

A big thanks goes out to all those people that were able to come and perform, along with our helpers to get costumes together. Thank you all!!

See you guys at practice tomorrow!!! It’ll be our last full-length practice before the Homecoming parade and Wichita Asian Festival, so please come if you can.

Wasshoi! Wasshoi! Wasshoi!!!!

-Michelle Mazur
Publicity Chair