International Dance Festival

29 11 2005

Hey! If you want to see us dance, then come see us at our “International Dance Festival”! it’s this Sunday, Dec. 4th at 7pm in the Forum Hall of K-State Student Union! See you all there!!! (^_^)v

Costume Committee?

29 11 2005

We are still looking for anyone who wants to help make our Yosakoi Costumes! Please let Seiji know: Thanks!

New Captains!

23 11 2005

Congratulations to our new Captains… Monique and Nick!!!!!!!!! (^o^)/ We expect great things from you and are excited to have you guys as our 1st Yosakoi Captains!!!!!

Vote for a Women’s and Men’s Captain!

19 11 2005

Hey! It’s time to vote for a Women’s and Men’s Captain! Please pick one of each and email Seiji your 2 choices (1 woman, 1 man):

In case you were wondering, the Captains are supposed to be a good example for the other dancers.
– They keep everybody energized,
– represent the opinions and feelings of the dancers to the Officers/Directors,
– pass information to the dancers,
– help teach the dances,
– keep everybody in shape (maybe by organizing extra exercise practices), and
– help maintain the equipment.

Thanks for Cleaning Bramlage!

19 11 2005

Thanks to the 15 people who came and helped clean trash! We were only supposed to get paid for 5 people, but we got 9 people paid! Yeah!! (^o^)/

We might be able to clean again on Sat., Dec. 10th for Graduation. If that happens then Tsubasa or Seiji will let you know.

Thanks again to: Taka, Barbara, Denton, Asuka, Yuka, Chihiro, Ryan, Ethan, Nick, Monique, Daichi, Nozomi, Nina, Brandon, and me. πŸ˜‰

Clean-up at Bramlage this Friday

17 11 2005

After Friday’s Practice (7-8:30pm at the Little Theater), we will go and do trash clean-up at Bramlage Coliseum (9pm). This is so we can raise money for Yosakoi! So please come! (^_^;)

Open Dance Classes Today!

15 11 2005

Newcomers are welcome to join us today! We will be teaching “Nengara-nenjyuu” dance in the KSU Student Union Courtyard at 7pm-9pm. Our main hosts for the evening is the Anthropology Club, but everyone is welcome! πŸ™‚

Minutes for 11/4 Officers’ Meeting

11 11 2005

Officer Reports

  • Director
    • Three dances known now
    • Seiji and Kokyo Taiko met with the Wadaiko Yamato Group on Sunday, Oct 30
    • Suggested teaching taiko in addition to Yosakoi for Spring semester
  • Treasurer
    • Needs Tax ID to set up Yosakoi account
  • Publicity Chair
    • International Dance Recital
      • Invited Indian and Colombian Dance Clubs
      • December 4th, in Forum Hall
      • Possibly contact BSU, clogger club, belly dance group
      • Need press releases for future events
  • Fundraising Chair
    • Sold 10 Shakes cards
    • Bramlage Cleanup Schedule available; Group needs at least 15 members to participate
    • Can dance on Tuesdays at 7:30 in Student Union (Union Station), but we must send in a video or DVD of our dance first
    • Shakes cards still going on
  • Historian
    • Facebook can now do up to sixty pictures for an album
  • President
    • Future room scheduling planned:
      • 11/11 – Union Station, 7-10
      • 11/18 – Little Theater, 7-10
      • 11/22 – Union Station, 7-10
      • 12/3 or 12/4 – Forum Hall
    • Will have a Tax ID before Thanksgiving

Old Business

  • Naruko from JAA – received, but waiting on final word from Nick
  • Bramlage Cleanup – See above
  • No Homecoming

Upcoming Business

  • Elect Captains soon
  • Membership Brochures – Sara K.
    • Have brochures by 11/15
    • Recruitment brochures to draw people in
    • Budget of $10 to get 50 brochures
    • Ready for Multicultural Pride Day – 11/15 – Union Ballroom; Also teach Nengara Nenjyu at 7pm to Anthropology Club
  • International Dance Festival
    • See Publicity Chair report above
    • Dance recital – free admittance – for International groups
    • Forum Hall, 12/4, 5-10 pm; sound system and 3 corded mics reserved; free reservation
    • Vote passed with 6 yes/2 abstain
  • SGA Allocations Meeting at 5:10 – Seiji
  • Spring Activities Carnival – Vote to participate passed with 7 yes/1 no
  • Costume Committee
    • To vote on costume colors with the group
    • Mascot: Shachoko or kanji for shachoko
    • Need T-shirt and costume ideas
    • 40 costumes total
    • help with cutting possibly needed; also volunteers to sew
    • possibly each member gets a different happi?
    • Pricing fabric – LeAnne, Sara K, Micah

Next Officers’ Meeting: 11/18, 3:30 p.m.

Dancers for “Multicultural Pride Luncheon”

10 11 2005

We will be doing “Nengara-nenjyu” for the *Mulicultural Pride Day* on Tues, Nov. 15th.

Let’s meet at the Union Ballroom (KSU Student Union) at 12:20pm (Our dance starts at 12:40pm). We will practice a little. It’s a small stage, so please be careful! Then perform! πŸ™‚

Yes, you get a FREE lunch!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

I can not be there, so *Asst. Director Tomo* will be in charge. Have fun dancing!! – Seiji

The dancers are:
1) Anita
2) Asuka
3) Chihiro
4) Daichi
5) Hideki
6) Jordan
7) Monique
8) Nick
9) Paul
10) Rieko
11) Ryan
12) Stacey
13) Takahiro
14) Tomo
15) Yuka
16) Yuko

17) Micah

Friday Practice at Union Station

10 11 2005

We will be having Friday’s practice at a NEW location: Union Station (in the KSU Student Union, Ground Floor). 7pm. See you there!